North Central Sales Upcoming Auctions

 As many of you are aware the ability to bid on our website is down and has been down since early morning friday. This is due to a cyber security issue that has arose with Hibid, our online bidding platform.

The Issue: Early Friday morning Hibid and several websites associated with hibid suffered a cyber security attack prompting the shutdown of any auctions working with the Hibid online bidding platform. This has resulted in the closure of many auction companies throughout the US & Canada. 

 What this means for you - All auctions will be extended to a time where all parties are allowed to bid on items once the security issue has been addressed. At this time, we have been assured that the extent of the breach has not been to personal information, i.e. your credit card information.

We are sorry for this inconvienence, and will keep you posted in this matter as the authorities work to clear the issue.
Gary, Duke, Kathy & the North Central Sales Auction Team