Have that item that you think is worth something? Want to turn it into cash but don’t know how? If you have something that you would like to know the value of, we can do it for you! Our team of veteran staff has many years in the field of antiques , collectibles, Farm machinery, equipment, cattle, horses and just about anything you could imagine.
    Offering a full line of professional appraisals to suit your needs, from divorce appraisals, estate planning, personal property & real estate, its all here!
    We can help you find the true market value of your item. We can quickly and effectively help you on many values.
E-Mail, us today or give us a call and we will arrange a time where we can meet with you. On smaller items sending pictures to us in our e-mail is fast, but we cannot give you a truly accurate appraisal unless we actually see it. Please follow these guidelines: Never throw anything out, you might think your throwing "junk" away but it could be a valuable piece. Never attempt to clean anything, you might damage it in the process and the value will decrease. if you choose to send us pictures through e-mail please include a very detailed description of your item to better help us.


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