Col. Duke Packard

Wisconsin Auctioneer #1364

   Born in 1962, Duke Packard has been around the auction business his whole life, going to the local sale barn with his father. Duke learned to work hard growing up, eventually owning one of the biggest Simplicity dealerships in the state. His background in sales and desire to deal with people led him to start North Central Sales.

Col. Kathy Packard

Wisconsin Auctioneer #2203

    Born in 1964, Kathy Packard has been in sales her whole life, owning and operating the states first Spotted Saddle Horse Ranch with over 50 horses. Her background in sales and antiques have led her to the auction industry.

Gary DuFour

Wisconsin Auctioneer #2670

Reg. Wisconsin Real Estate Salesperson

   Born in 1985, Gary DuFour, is North Central Sales #1 Ringman. He also handles all Website and Advertising work. He also holds a Wisconsin Real Estate Salesperson license and heads North Central Real Estate Sales LLC.























About Us

   Welcome to the North Central Sales Auctions Website. We specialize in Estate, Commercial, Real Estate, Farm, Cattle, Horses, Machinery, Specialty collector items, online auctions, and Antique Sales! We also do cash buyouts on single pieces or whole estates. We are your most complete auction service.
Considering having an Auction? Take a look at us! We work hard and like to have a good time with what we do. You will have a great experience and be at ease when selling your personal, farm, or real estate property!
Need Something Appraised? Send us some info on your item and we will give you an accurate true market value of your items for free!
Considering leaving a bid on an item? Give us a call, and we'll see what we can get you bought! Pictures can be sent to you on location by text messaging or email.


  • Experience:  100's of Satisfied Clients & Customers.  References are available!

  • Award Winning Advertisers & Auctioneers: Computerized Mailing List w/1,000's Of Proven Buyers, WAA Award Winners

  • Financially Sound:  Cash advances to Sellers.  Financing to potential buyers...Owners Paid on Day of Sale ... Fully insured, and licensed.

  • We will buy your property for cash & sell it for you on a commission basis.

  • We're members of professional organizations, such as the State & National Auctioneers Associations.

If you are considering selling your real estate or personal property or know someone who is, call our office at: 715-623-5753 or 715-610-9535



     North Central Sales is a family oriented business owned and operated by Col. Duke and Col. Kathy Packard. Earning and Receiving an auctioneers licenses from the Wisconsin department of regulations and licensing. Along with being a participating member of the National Auctioneers Association and Wisconsin Auctioneers Assoc. Both Associations held in highest regards. They are also active participants in the seminars, continuing education courses and state competitions. North Central Sales is constantly growing. Acquiring three Real Estate Salesman licenses and later, acquired a Brokers license, leading the way for North Central Sales Real Estate. Offering both ways of selling, listing and live AUCTION !
North Central Sales as a company started back in early 1990`s, with Duke Packard pioneering the companies trusted ideals. Later meeting Kathy, they were married, adding gifted and trusted auctioneer and secretary. Duke & Kathy have three children all are active in the auction industry. Gary DuFour has many years experience in computers, market analysis and real estate. Gary also designs and operates web sites. Just like this one!! He is also an AMAZING RING MAN!! Karalee DuFour has a background in advertising and marketing. She handles all the clerking during an auction. Jennifer Packard works in banking and when in town helps out with many tasks. Pat Packard, Duke’s mom does many things. From Set-up to check-out she is also a very important part of this auction business. As well as Dukes two brothers Danny and Dave are great ring men at auctions, and a sister who runs our food stand Deb`s Dinner!! This is a AUCTION FAMILY!
North Central Sales not only believes in constant education, but moving with the times.

    In this fast moving computer age era we decided to purchase state of the art equipment, and one of the best auction trailers in the business. Educated people, great equipment and paying attention to detail in this business is always a winner.
Experienced ? you bet!! North Central Sales does about 50+ auctions a year!! They pride themselves on being a full fledged, well rounded auction Business. Reasons being that they can sell anything from a herd of dairy cows, machinery, and commercial equipment, to high quality Antiques, your neighbors house or vacant land. Duke & Kathy make a great pair, with both gifted auctioneers chants a delight, and Duke always bringing his good natured sense of humor, it makes it a pleasure to attend an auction. Together they have been a driving force in the Auction business. They love a challenge and love what they do. So here’s your personal invitation!! Come to the AUCTION ! you wont go away empty handed!


Our Equipment

North Central Sales brings to the table, a state of the art computerized clerking system, the best in the industry. With tree laptops transmitting wirelessly at every auction, to give the buyer and seller the edge that is needed when conducting business.

North Central Sales has also purchased a fleet of trailers to haul & move any sized load or personal possession, as well as one of the states best clerking trailers around. Because lets face it, looks are important to, and getting a good looking auction company is just as important and getting a good operating one too!

There is always a chuck wagon on grounds at any North Central Sales auction, and all onsite chuck wagons are run by Dukes own sister Debbie. Her husband built her a custom food wagon, that meets or exceeds state laws, so you'll always have food at our auction!

Every company has to have its own look, and North Central Sales is no different, with a full line of clothing, every North Central Sales employee comes fully dressed for work! And if you want to sport some Auction clothing give us a call, you will get a deal on some high quality clothing such as Carhartt and Wrangler.



We as a company have taken many awards in excellence, but there are only a few worth mentioning. In 2007 Kathy Packard took home the WAA novice runner up. And in 2007 we took home the best in show, for advertising Printed Material in the WAA. In 2008 Gary DuFour took home the advertising award for best Website and Online Marketing. As well as a host of awards for National banquets, and the award of self gratification for helping in a charity auction.


Auction Clerking Trailer

Auction Topper

Deb's Diner - Food Wagon

Wisconsin Awards