Equipment Prices Strong in Spring Time Auction

Story & photos by Gary DuFour - North Central Sales


When spring rolls around the corner and we feel the cold grasp of winter start to loosen its grip, you start to find more auctions! With spring about to find itself in full swing what better time to have a farm sale before we all get out and about! On saturday April 23rd, 2011, Jerome and Josephine Lassa of Mosinee contracted with North Centrals Sales to sell off their machinery and antiques. rain threatedend the auction in the morning and with only minutes left before the 10:30am start the skies finally cleared.

North Central sales started the morning off selling off several wagons of tools, parts, oil, and misc. farm related items before they split into two auction rings. Kathy packard took one topper truck and moved onto the three wagons full of andtiques and houshold while myself and Duke packard moved onto the machinery rows with the second topper truck.

Its always nice to have a farm & machinery sale, but I must say, Jerome lass sure did take good care of his equipment. it was evedent that everything was in tip top shape and greased and mainteined to full working order. Shortly after selling off the machinery we moved immediatly onto tractors and finished off on the combine.

But alas, the sale wasnt done just yet! After the combine was sold, there was still plenty more to be auctioned off, rounding the sale out were several lawn mowers, the furniture and then a small coin collection wraped up the day. Below you will find just a selection of what some of the farm equipment brought the day of the auction!

Thinking of having a farm auction? Give us a call and we can discuss your options at no charge.

Sale Date: April 23rd 2011




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