A Sweet Valentines Day Auction

Article & Photos Courtesy of Gary DuFour & Kathy Packard

     For several years North Central Sales has been hosting a top quality antiques, collectables & sporting goods auction at the Northwinds banquet Hall in Marion WI. This year wasn’t any different. Landing on Valentines Day gave a great outing for many with there sweet hearts “What better way to celebrate with an auction & dinner ”. Despite the cold outside, the auction crowd grew to over 189 bid numbers out. The large banquet hall was almost a standing room only! With eager bidders and the excited atmosphere the auction began. A quick set of announcements and a $25 gas card was given away to a lucky auction-goer. North Central Sales Auction LLC, Conducts many sales around the state during the summer months, and looks forward to putting good quality auctions together for the eager bidder during the winter months. With the economy in limbo, and the negativity of the media, we didn't quite know what to expect for sale prices. By Days end it again proves just like history “even in bad economic times auctions work”! North Central Sales brought a well rounded sale to the auction on Feb. 14th, with something there for everyone. Didn't really matter what you collect, as you were sure to find an item you couldn’t live without. Biding on many items was heated, and with absentee bids from all over the country, things really got interesting. Some of the top items were the radio Flyer train Set that sold for $600, and the 1951 Martin & Schwartz Co. Mobil Special gas Pump that sold for $1050.00. Many guns at auction featured a Stevens Favorite .22 that brought $395.00 and an Over & Under Stevens .22 & 410 that brought $290.00. Many coins crossed the auction block to include a 1929 Indian $2 1/2 gold piece that brought $320.00 and one of several Carson City Silver Dollars that brought $210.00. Crocks can be found at almost every auction but a Unmarked Red Wing #20 Butter Crock brought $250.00. And not to forget all of the Petrol memorabilia with a Kendall sidewalk sign bringing $125.00 and top choice of oil cans fetching a high bid of $110.00. Some anxious bidders waited patiently for the furniture to go across the auction block with a newer Mission style curio bringing $80.00 and a vintage Oak 7' Church Pew that brought $175.00. Choice of beer trays brought a top bid of $80.00, and the metal Pedal Car Airplane, which had a lot of on-lookers brought a bid of $175.00.

 At the auctions end happy bidders were excited with there new found treasures. The crowd was  impressed by the quality and care of auctioneering preformed by Col`s Duke & Kathy Packard. They have a way of not only getting down to business but entertaining you. This makes the auction day so much fun and exciting. Good humor is always a favorite with them. They love what they do and it so shows!!   

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Pair of Staffordshire dogs (damaged) still brought $75.00

A nice Cross Cut saw was $70.00

A small salesman sample buck saw - $65.00

The first item sold was this newer Mickey Mouse toaster for $50.00

Red globed Railroad lantern realized $70.00

A large 6' bow marked Tecumseh brought $75.00

Texaco Ahead signbrough $110.00 while this vintage outdoor clock realized $300.00

A damaged R.W. Brown Top jug sold for $160

A Unique tin Marble game with original box sold for $37.50

$47.50 is what this Hall piece sold for.

This unmarked Red Wing 20 Butter Crock brought $250

Much intrest drove the bidding on this Radio Flyer Train Set to $600.00

Choice on these adv. Thermometers was $40.00

This vintage Cockshutt tracor Thermometer sold for $40.00

Rye Potter Figurine sold for $160.00

A Royal Daulton "robin Hood" Mug brought $12.50

Choice on 1925 Field & Stream Magaines was $60.00

A 1929 2 1/2 gold piece realized $320

1910 Indian 2 1/2 gold piece sold for $295.00

A Carson City Silver Dollar sold for $210.00 while the rest sold for $15 a piece

Choice on these lures topped at $30.00

A R.W. Spongeware bowl sold for $55.00

$40.00 owned this Polks Milk Box

It took $175.00 to own this 6 Gal. Salt glaze butter churn

Choice of vintge badges brought $12.50

$70.00 is what it took for this Sterling Elgin Compact.

A $35 dollar bid took this vintage police hat home.

Large pastel photo was a deal at $30.00

Back tag collection. 1948 back tag brings $85.00

Auction setup.

This newer dining set brings $275.00

1951 Martin & Schwartz Co. Mobil Special Gas Pump brings $1050.00

This pair of dressers brought $85.00

This unique metal Pedal Air Plane brought $175.00

A large wicker rocker brought $60.00

A rare childs rocking horse brings $37.50

An ornate parlor chair brought a bid of $47.50

This large marching drum realizes $50.00

The Cat & the Moon Whirly Gig brought $35.00

A newer enamel top kitchen cupboard brought $280

First choice on many old quilts at auction was $45.00

A unique lightning rod and weather vane brings $100.00

A very neat Violin King Harmonica in original Tin cse sells for $30.00

This German tin spinning toy top brought $40.00

A marked AG porcelain doll in excellent condition brought $60.00.

Auctioneer Kathy Packard selling one of the many items throughout the day

A large stack of 99 $1 silver certificates brings $330.00

Two $10 Silver Certificates realize $100.00

Watt convention bowl sells for $22.50

A 48" Cities Service Station Sign sells for $185.00

The auction crew selling and calling bids.

Auctioneer/Owner Duke Packard selling throughout the day.