WW2 Collection at Auction
The below is the majority of the WW2 collection. Items have been verified to be authentic by several collectors.
1 WW2 German Narvik Shield awarded for deployment in the Narvik Theatre  
2 WW2 German General Assault Badge  
3 WW2 German Late war Black Wound Badge in Tin  
4 WW2 German Iron Cross 1st Class  
5 WW2 German Infantry Assualt Badge in Bronze  

March 13, 1938 Commemorative Medal,known as the first "Anschluss medal", was awarded to Austrians & Germans whom aided in the Austrian Campaign.

7 WW2 German KRIM Sheild  
8 WW2 US Distingushed Service Cross  
9  WW2 German Iron Cross Second Class with Ribbon  
10 WW2 German "For Ware Merit 1939" awarded to Soldiers & Civilians. With Ribbon.  
11 WW2 German Nazi Eagle 1944 Patch  
12 WW2 German Eastern Front Medal, issued for the hardship endured on the eastern front. The Frozen Meat medal.  
13 WW2 German Merit Cross Second Class - Civilian  
14 WW2 German October 1 1938 Commemorative Medal. For those that participated in the annexation and marched into Sudentenland. This has the Prague castle bar added to it.  
15 Document for the award of th October 1 1938 Medal. For those that participated in the annexation and marched into Sudentenland.  
16 DRL Award Document from 1941 w/ DRL Sports Badge Bronze
17 NSRL EAGLE. 1944 silver grade eagle badge for NSRL (physical training league).  
18 Winterschlacht Im Osten  1941/42 Award Document And award. (Not Correct Picture) With the frozen meat medal.  
19 WW2 German Artillery regiment 78 Document  
20 This is a Deutscher Volkssturm Wehrmacht armband. The Volkssturm was established on October 18, 1944. Its membership included any able-bodied male from age 16 to 60 that could bear arms and who were not already in military service.   
21 1936 Olympics Medal & Document signed by Hitler.  
22 WW2 German Russia Campaign medal "Frozen Meat Medal"  
23 Eva Braun AP Photgraphs. Earl Child & Nude  
24 German Document for the award of the Iron Croos 2nd Class, signed by Rommel with WW2 German Iron Cross Second Class